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Private Russian space company
SR space
SR Space ― is a private Russian space company, a manufacturer of suborbital and orbital launch vehicles (ultra-small-lift and small-lift), small spacecraft, and satellite constellations.
SR space
Also, SR Space works on acquisition, storage, processing and analysis of space data, including satellite imagery and remote sensing data. The company works on Artificial Intelligence algorithms for data processing and analysis.


SR Space is an ecosystem of businesses that allows you to achieve synergy, as well as minimize risks and costs.
Acquisition, storage, processing and analysis of space data, including remote sensing images
Climate monitoring system
Narrowband and broadband satellite communication
Optical and infrared remote sensing
Production of small spacecraft and space tugs
Production of launch vehicles and supply of launch services
Key projects
The beginning of our history
July 2020
The first public presentation of the company at the Open Innovations Forum
October 2020
An engine with a thrust of 600 kg was successfully tested
December 2020
SR Rockets was registered
May 2021
The first flight tests were conducted
April 2021
SR Satellites was registered
July 2021
Our employees participated in sessions and panel discussions, presented several projects and made a scientific presentation at the International Astronautical Congress 2021

October 2021
A prototype of a satellite for greenhouse gas monitoring was presented at the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP 26) in Glasgow
November 2021
The first test launch of the Nebo 25 rocket were conducted from the Kapustin Yar test site. We became the first private company in Russia that managed to carry out more than one launch in a year
December 2021
The model of the orbital rocket was presented at the Congress of young scientists in Sirius
December 2021
The company entered the top 100 most successful startups of the year according to the rating of Inc. Russia, taking 29th place
December 2021
A line of proprietary liquid engines for the orbital rocket was presented
February 2022
The concept of our light-class Stalker rocket was presented
April 2022
We became SR Space
June 2022
SR Data was registered
August 2022
SR Data became a resident of Innovative Scientific and Technological Center Sirius
September 2022
A prototype of the spacecraft of the multi-satellite low-orbit broadband Internet access system SR NET was presented at the Aeronet 2035 exhibition
November 2022
January 2020
The project has begun
Oleg Mansurov
«The creation of our company is related to the growing demand from the IT sector for data obtained and used via space technologies and the increasing role of private capital in space exploration. In addition to creating a successful business we see our goal as improving the quality of life of Russian citizens and humanity»


  • SR Space
    Oleg Mansurov
    Founder and CEO
  • SR Space
    Nikita Cherednichenko
    Deputy Director | Operations
  • SR Space
    Daria Chudnaya
    Deputy Director | Marketing Communications
  • SR Space
    Anna Kocheguro
    Deputy Director | Engineering
  • SR Rockets
    Alexander Zikov
  • SR Satellites
    Petr Kudryashov
  • SR Satellites
    Dmitry Monakhov
    Chief Designer
  • SR Data
    Igor Kozhelin
  • SR Data
    Sergey Kosmos


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